Hi, I'm Laura.

Let me tell you about this class.

Need some help getting your sexual spark back?

Hi! I'm Laura Rademacher, Certified Sex Therapist and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Many long term couples are great teammates, co-parents, and friends; but somewhere along the way their sexual spark has dimmed. I've been helping couples regain their spark for over 10 years. My clients have told me they appreciate the way I can hold space for partners who want more sex as well as those who feel tired, burnt out, or just not interested in sex. My gentle approach makes nervous people more comfortable.

This course will cover: 

  • Desire-why it is harder to access now and how to get it back
  • Arousal-how your body works and how to make sex better 
  • Your inner Yes, No, or Maybe and how to talk about it
  • How to create the conditions to revive your sexual relationship together

This course will NOT:

  • Try to convince you to have sex when you don't want to (I will explore reasons you might not be interested in sex and how to change them though!)
  • Assume your gender combo or orientations
  • Rely on wacky puns and tacky sex jokes (Don't worry, there are a few laughs in this class. But your sex life is important to you and deserves thoughtful attention)

Course curriculum

    1. What is desire?

    2. Spontaneous Vs. Responsive Desire

    3. Conversation Starter: What has desire felt like for each of you?

    4. Why does desire go away?

    5. How to bring desire back

    6. Create your Rainbow Conditions

    7. Emotional Factors and Pressure

    8. Conversation Starter: Emotional Factors

    1. Arousal Basics

    2. Couple’s pleasure questions

    3. Arousal Patterns and Timing

    4. Arousal and Bodies: The Clitoris

    5. Arousal and Bodies: The Penis

    6. Arousal and The Brain

    7. Arousal Tips and Tricks

    8. Taking the pressure off arousal

    9. What are we ready for?

    1. What is internal Yes, No, Maybe?

    2. Conversation Starter: Internal Yes, No, & Maybe

    3. Identifying your Yes/No/Maybe

    4. Handout: What’s your Pleasure?

    5. Communicating your Yes/No/Maybe

    6. Handout: Erotic Fill-in-the-blank

    7. Supportively Receiving Yes/No/Maybe

    1. Why do we have to plan dates?

    2. Handout: Your Date Planner

    3. Creating Atmosphere

    4. Handout: What makes a sexy environment?

    5. Updating your sexual self-concept

    6. Handout: Who’s your sexual role model?

    7. Supporting each other and future goals

    8. Handout: Recognizing your work and Future goals

About this course

  • $395.00
  • 32 lessons
  • 3.5 hours of video content

Make your sex life better, together.